Losing Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad (and Winning Doesn’t Mean You’re Good)

Food for thought on showing…


246507_309397709150429_2062996370_nWhile judging a recent horse show, the following thought occurred to me. “Just because you don’t win, doesn’t mean you’re not good.” I was in the middle of trying to sort out a very nice western pleasure class (settle down folks. It does happen.) and I realized that even my potential bottom horse had a lot of things going for it. Sure, he didn’t appear to want to “play ball” so to speak, but he was a high quality mover that I could tell had won quite a few classes before. The same was true for places 1-5, to be honest. Every one of them was using their hocks, was consistent through their topline, and minded their manners. I ultimately went to the amount of knee demonstrated (less was more, for this breed), and stride length, to separate them. It was a judge’s dream class in many respects.

While driving…

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Dancing Horses Keepers Outing – July 20th

The 20th wins!

Cost will be $35.00 per adult and $25 per child. These prices include the behind the scenes tour. The tour starts at 3:15 pm.

Please email me at cleansweepkeepers@gmail.com if you plan to attend. Indicate how many kids and adults. Also, let me know if you can drive extra people.

I will arrange for payment in advance at the farm. 🙂


Trip to See the Dancing Horses Theatre in Delavan, WI

Trip to See the Dancing Horses Theatre in Delavan, WI

Please vote for your preferred date to see the show via comment below. Please include your name on your comment. Voting will end on July 1.

Cost will be $35.00 per adult and $25 per child. These prices include the behind the scenes tour. The tour starts at 3:15 pm.

Please vote for:
Saturday, July 5 1:00 show
Saturday, July 5 7:00 show
Sunday, July 6 1:00 show
Sunday, July 13 1:00 show
Sunday July 20 1:00 show
Sunday July 27 1:00 show
Sunday August 3 1:00 show

Contact Elizabeth @cleansweepkeepers@gmail.com with any questions.

June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Clean Sweep Keepers June 2014 Minutes


  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. July Meeting
    1. Dancing Horses in Delavan, WI
    2. Watch the blog to vote for the day that will work best for you
    3. If we can get 25 people they will perform a show just for us
    4. We also discussed car pooling to the Summerfun show in Milwaukee

                                                               i.      Good opportunity to learn more about Saddlebreds, Saddleseat, shows and to show our barn pride

                                                             ii.      Watch the blog please!!

  1. Rummage Sale
    1. New Date to be determined
    2. May have at a different location
    3. Please watch the blog, Facebook etc…
  2. New Clean Sweep Store – www.zazzle.com/cleansweepstore
    1. Can also do custom designs – like you and your horse for example
    2. Email Elizabeth at cleansweepkeepers@gmail.com to arrange or suggest new designs
  3. Keeper Code (Joci)
    1. Joci brought an example the supports our code from her school
    2. Next month’s Code Keeper is  Abby K
  4. Snacks!
    1. Super yummy cookies from Sarah Muraki
  5. Other business
    1. Have you paid your dues??? $20 to Clarice please!
    2. Social time after each meeting – games


Ways to get the latest news:

  1. Emails
  2. Facebook – Clean Sweep Keepers
  3. Blog – https://cleansweepkeepers.wordpress.com
  4. Bulletin Board at the farm